Friday, February 27, 2009

bracelet of my life

i was going through some old boxes and was pleased when i found my Italian charm bracelet, i was so happy to find it was not in fact lost. Not that i had forgotten about it i just packed it with some other things and was upset when i wanted it. i love these kind of bracelets! i think its awesome that you can choose the charms that fit you. each one has its own meaning. i have three birthstones on mine with some other nick-nacks like a strawberry, a moon, kaydens birthstone and a symbol for "happiness." small yet very meaningful things i connect with kayden and my life. its nice that jewelry can be so personal. these niffty little charms can be found on the internet for very good prices, you can still find them in stores as well. they have almost anything you could ask for, to make sure you have just what you need! it still amazes me that my jewelry can still be personal and mean so much. i am still looking for some charms to complete my bracelet, but what is great about these charms is that you can start another after you "replace" the blank charms with the ones you want. keep the blank ones, they hook back together and make the first bracelet you bought. you can start "replacing" your charms all over again! have fun and get creative!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

more teas please

so anyone who knows me knows i am all about the natural way to help my body help itself. i love to drink teas instead of taking pills that could harm your body more then help it, and you can drink a lot of tea while you are pregnant. my house is always stocked with teas that can help ease headaches, reduce upset tummys and tummy pains, relax your body and help you sleep. i have spent a lot of time looking in to teas i could drink when i was prego to help my body cope with all the changes. one of my favorites was chamomile tea which is used to help relax you and aid sleep, it also helps to relieve symptoms of a cold. Mint tea is also used to relax and can help relieve a pesky headache. Ginger tea is great when you are prego! it improves circulation, relieves cold and flu symptoms, eases stomach cramps and nausea, and reduces menstrual cramps! these are just a few of the teas you can drink to help your body heal itself. the three that i have mentioned are safe too drink while you are pregnant, however not all teas are good for the baby so be sure to ask your doctor are read up on the teas you drink. for more information you can check out Health Benefits of Herbal Teas.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

he was so small! for more Wordless Wednesday visit 5m4m
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kaydens morning pick!

so every morning Kayden wakes up and watches some of his favorite tv shows on the Disney channel. normally i am not a little kid show person but there are a few that have got my attention and i love to watch with Kayden. Little Einsteins is one of Kaydens favorite shows. its not only teaches kids how to share and help others but it also teaches them about classic music and art. every show they have a featured artists such as Monet or Di Vinci AND a featured composer like Back, Beethoven an Mozart! i have always thought that music and art should be a large part of our kids lives so i was tickled pink when we started watching Little Einsteins. they even have Baby Einstein for the little ones! To help develop their little ever growing minds Baby Einstein is a must have, with everything from learning animals, shapes and numbers to nature and language! i love these dvds and books and so does Kayden!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

snuggle with a book

i have always been a book lover, in fact i own my very own small library. i have over 10 boxes of my favorite books and thats just the favorites! after thinking it over i though i would like to share some of my top picks, one every week. this weeks pick is Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel. after young ayla loses her mother at a very young age she is adopted by a medicine women of the "clan" (cavemen) eza finds ayla very close to death, after nursing her back to health eza hopes to keep the girl as her own. however being one of what the clan calls "others" ayla is not welcome in the clan. ayla must over come physical and mental trials to prove herself to the clan and herself. this is one of my favorites because of the feelings it gives off. this book is just the first book of 5 in aylas dangerous adventures in finding where she belongs and who she is. each book is just as great as the last leaving the reader wanting more, with believable characters and historical bases its very easy to get in to. i am positive anyone who reads this book will fall in love with it and the people in it! (except for broud, no one likes him) ENJOY!

Monday, February 23, 2009

flash backs

Kaydens birthday party was great. though he was tired and over excited about all the people he enjoyed playing with all his new toys. he is also a big movie kid, so of course he loved watching Fraggle Rock, created by jim hensen and the muppets, which his aunt cori and my mom got for him. its good to know my son loves the old school. at first he wasnt sure what to think of the first episode where Gobo's uncle Matt finds "outer space" which is an old mans work shop. uncle matt decides it is time to travel and so he ventures out in to "outer space" and sends post cards back to Gobo and the other fraggles to let him know how he is doing. i always loved the fraggles and i am very happy to see that after a moment of questioning so does kayden. he actually danced to the opening song! i think every kid should have a chance to watch the fraggles and every adult would love to as well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

somethings are forever

a year ago today i know exactly what i was doing. i was laying in my hospital bed watching my new son sleep in my arms. i remember being just as amazed as i am now when i see him. i remember my good friend jillian staying with me when mark had to go to work. i think its awesome that some events can effect us so much that we remember exactly what we did that day or even the day before. we can easily recall even the smallest details, right down to the very smell of the room. the human mind can hold on to details without even being told, able to stash those memories in the far corners of the mind untill they are needed or some how pushed the the front. though i know the memories of my sons birth and his first days with me will never be the ones in the back of my mind. those are with me every moment of everyday i breath.