Sunday, March 1, 2009

where's the love?

It's hard waking up every morning only to turn on the tv and see something on the news that hurts me in some shape, way or form. it bothers me to see people so angry and so hurtful. i have made it my goal to do small things to brighten peoples day. even if it is something as small as offering a smile to some body who looks sad, i want to make a difference. and what makes it even better is that making a difference doesn't have to cost anything. you can do it for free and feel good about yourself for the rest of the day/week/year.

i once read true story about a desperate man who stopped for a moment to read a bumper sticker on the back of some ones car. the sticker read: someone loves you. he then knocked on the door of the owners house, when the woman opened the door the man simply thanked her, to which her reply was "but sir, i haven't done anything." the man smiled and told her that he had planned to end his life before he read the sticker on her car. it reminded him that some one DID love him even when he thought no one cared. he told her of his hard life and of everything he had lost. without a word the woman gave the desperate man a hug and invited him in for dinner. without even knowing what she had done she had saved that mans life and given him a reason for living again. he left that house with a new friend and new hope to help him on his way.

my goal is to effect someone in such a way. i want to do what good i can while i am here and i want to encourage you to do the same. smile, donate change to some one who needs it or a charity. go through your closet, basement, attic and clear up some of that clutter. I'm not saying get rid of things that matter to you, but old cloths and toys can go to goodwill. your small good deed can make a world of difference to some one in need. if a bumper sticker can save a man from himself think of what you can do. if you would like more information about goodwill, or if you would like to volunteer check out Goodwill Industries International

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