Friday, February 27, 2009

bracelet of my life

i was going through some old boxes and was pleased when i found my Italian charm bracelet, i was so happy to find it was not in fact lost. Not that i had forgotten about it i just packed it with some other things and was upset when i wanted it. i love these kind of bracelets! i think its awesome that you can choose the charms that fit you. each one has its own meaning. i have three birthstones on mine with some other nick-nacks like a strawberry, a moon, kaydens birthstone and a symbol for "happiness." small yet very meaningful things i connect with kayden and my life. its nice that jewelry can be so personal. these niffty little charms can be found on the internet for very good prices, you can still find them in stores as well. they have almost anything you could ask for, to make sure you have just what you need! it still amazes me that my jewelry can still be personal and mean so much. i am still looking for some charms to complete my bracelet, but what is great about these charms is that you can start another after you "replace" the blank charms with the ones you want. keep the blank ones, they hook back together and make the first bracelet you bought. you can start "replacing" your charms all over again! have fun and get creative!

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  1. Glad you found yours, mine is lost and long gone.. CRY! I loved my bracelet. I received as a gift when I graduated high school from my mother in law.