Monday, February 23, 2009

flash backs

Kaydens birthday party was great. though he was tired and over excited about all the people he enjoyed playing with all his new toys. he is also a big movie kid, so of course he loved watching Fraggle Rock, created by jim hensen and the muppets, which his aunt cori and my mom got for him. its good to know my son loves the old school. at first he wasnt sure what to think of the first episode where Gobo's uncle Matt finds "outer space" which is an old mans work shop. uncle matt decides it is time to travel and so he ventures out in to "outer space" and sends post cards back to Gobo and the other fraggles to let him know how he is doing. i always loved the fraggles and i am very happy to see that after a moment of questioning so does kayden. he actually danced to the opening song! i think every kid should have a chance to watch the fraggles and every adult would love to as well.

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