Friday, February 20, 2009

somethings are forever

a year ago today i know exactly what i was doing. i was laying in my hospital bed watching my new son sleep in my arms. i remember being just as amazed as i am now when i see him. i remember my good friend jillian staying with me when mark had to go to work. i think its awesome that some events can effect us so much that we remember exactly what we did that day or even the day before. we can easily recall even the smallest details, right down to the very smell of the room. the human mind can hold on to details without even being told, able to stash those memories in the far corners of the mind untill they are needed or some how pushed the the front. though i know the memories of my sons birth and his first days with me will never be the ones in the back of my mind. those are with me every moment of everyday i breath.

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  1. He's too cute! I do remember Amanda telling me you had your son. Funny how it's been a year already. They grow too fast.