Wednesday, February 25, 2009

kaydens morning pick!

so every morning Kayden wakes up and watches some of his favorite tv shows on the Disney channel. normally i am not a little kid show person but there are a few that have got my attention and i love to watch with Kayden. Little Einsteins is one of Kaydens favorite shows. its not only teaches kids how to share and help others but it also teaches them about classic music and art. every show they have a featured artists such as Monet or Di Vinci AND a featured composer like Back, Beethoven an Mozart! i have always thought that music and art should be a large part of our kids lives so i was tickled pink when we started watching Little Einsteins. they even have Baby Einstein for the little ones! To help develop their little ever growing minds Baby Einstein is a must have, with everything from learning animals, shapes and numbers to nature and language! i love these dvds and books and so does Kayden!

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